The First Signs of Self Carriage

Stevie begins more serious work in the arena.  I want him to stretch, but in order for him to stretch over his top line, he must find balance.  Notice his hocks are coming under now instead of trailing out behind him.  Although his pace is slow, it’s as fast as he can go at this time and carry himself and the rider in balance.  His neck is curled more than I would like, but he is still a racehorse and must be given time to find and reach to the new contact and carriage. The circle is a suppling exercise and eventually he will begin to reach.  For now, he is beginning to use his topline instead of solely using his undercarriage to carry me. He is constantly on his right shoulder and I use the reins and my position/weight to get him off the shoulder but then I give and go back to a loopy rein.  I’m waiting for him to reach out to my hand. This will be a process and will take time.  He must not be rushed or restricted.  We must keep the relaxation we have worked so hard to develop.  At the end you can see him flip his crest.  This is a result of a loose back.  It was a good day.

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