Honoring Stevis Man

The one and only Stevis Man retired from racing in October 2022 completing a race career of 74 starts, 26 wins, 8 seconds and 8 thirds. His lifetime earnings were $437,208. Presque Isle Downs where Stevis Man won 20 of his 26 career wins has named a race to honor this great horse. The Stevis … Read more

First Off-site Ride

I had taken Stevie over to Cheryl’s farm one week ago when I went over to ride Fellow.  On that occasion I grazed him, put him in a stall, with a great view – thanks to Cheryl’s generosity.  Stevie had a wonderful, positive experience to build on for this the following visit.  I want to … Read more

The Hardest Thing

I’ve been riding Stevie consistently and now it’s time to begin work on the canter.  Introducing the canter to retired racehorses is one of the hardest things to address when laying down a new foundation.  Relaxation is a must but the horse believes I am asking him to gallop and that’s understandable because he has … Read more

An Elastic Connection

I’m working to entice Stevie to reach to an elastic contact.  This is the beginning of developing a new connection between Stevie and the rider.  When he does reach and make contact with the bit, because I am soft and elastic, there is room for him to continue moving his body to walk or trot. … Read more

The First Signs of Self Carriage

Stevie begins more serious work in the arena.  I want him to stretch, but in order for him to stretch over his top line, he must find balance.  Notice his hocks are coming under now instead of trailing out behind him.  Although his pace is slow, it’s as fast as he can go at this … Read more

Learning to deal with Challenges

It’s windy and cold and he thinks he knows how to do this because he learned some things yesterday.  Stevie is a people pleaser and very generous.  He gives me his all when I just want 5% of his effort but that’s a Thoroughbred for you! He’s ready to go from the start and I … Read more

First Trot on the Lunge Line

We begin the trot on the lunge line.  I could ride him at the trot initially and help him find balance on a circles but this would add the burden of my weight making it physically more difficult for him.  It would also make him dependent on me for balance. I want Stevie to learn … Read more

Days 6 and 7 riding Stevis Man

1/10/2023 – Our Sixth Ride – This is the first time I do not prep him with lunge at the walk before riding him.   I work the poles on the ground to present a small challenge that I believe he can handle. Applying a little pressure and seeing how he handles it will prep … Read more

Days 4 and 5, riding Stevis Man

01/05/2023 – Our Fourth Ride. – In the beginning of the ride I begin gentle neck suppling. Racehorses are almost always very tight in their neck and their poll as Stevie is. Throughout the ride, I do not care where he puts his head. I don’t want to restrict his movement or his body. I … Read more

And the Riding Begins for Stevis Man

01/02/2023 – The video below is Stevis Man/Stevie’s and my first ride. It’s the entire ride except for mounting him. I always have someone stand in front of them and feed them a peppermint at the mounting block because I know they are used to having a leg up. It helps keep them calm. The … Read more