Our Surgery and Rehabilitation Fund

This is a critical part of racehorse aftercare. As athletes begin pushed to their limits, some become injured. We owe it to them to repair the damage as much as possible and then find them a life after racing they are suited to. Some can return to athletic endeavors while others must have a less demanding life. Either way, our surgery and rehabilitation fund gives them this opportunity.

Most surgeries must happen immediately to be successful. Having the funds on hand allow us to confidently take in a horse whose cost from intake to adoptee can rise to the four figures. It’s worth it to give a horse the retirement from racing they deserve!

Help us take in the next horse.

This fund enables us to take in horses who need surgery or rehabilitation. Some have been starved and neglected while others have an injury that needs time or medical care and time to heal.

Roaring Point had a sequestrum that needed surgery. He got it!

We will let you know when we have taken in a new horse because we had the funds to do it. We’ll keep you updated by posting the horse’s progress on this website.

That’s What I Mint got the surgery she needed and now she has a loving family.

Kimberly Godwin Clark, founder of Thoroughbred Placement Resources, Inc. worked on the backstretch for many years, riding and training racehorses. She also did lay ups on her farm and gained the expertise to rehabilitate horses after surgery and then bring them back into training.

Charolais was starving in a field. This is his first day of afternoon outriding because you cared.

We hope to raise enough money in this fund to cover a surgery when needed along with the long term care and proper rehabilitation required. Please consider making a donation.

Having the funds on hand will allow us to confidently take in more of these horses, whose cost from intake to rehoming can exceed $10,000 depending on the severity of their injury and the amount of rehab required.