Barn and Farm Staff

Morning or Evening Help on Horse Farm

Weekday, Morning or Afternoon Shifts

Barn Worker

Are you looking for a part-time job taking care of horses? Thoroughbred Placement Resources in Upper Marlboro, Maryland is ready to add another person to our horse care team. You will be able to enjoy horses and a relaxing farm atmosphere while earning some pay.

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the care and management of horses.  You will work at a first class facility with a head trainer who is a USDF Silver Medal recipient and retrains retired racehorses for all disciplines including jumping and three day eventing, so there is the opportunity to learn about the correct care and management of horses.

This job consists of the care of animals, so you must possess a reliable work ethic and show up.

Duties Include

Each shift will take two to three hours of your time depending on how organized you are and of course your experience.  It takes me longer to teach someone than to do this job myself.  Duties include, feed, clean and refill water buckets, turn our/bring in horses, muck 6-7 stalls, hang feed (it is already set up), sweep up.  You may administer medications or apply treatments to injuries and apply basic first aid to horses at times.

The pay will be $50 for either shift. You can do both if you wish. Morning should begin 6:00 - 7:00 am and evening should begin 4:00 - 5:00 pm.

Things to know:

We have a group of volunteers who put fresh bedding in the corners of the stalls on the weekend so the stalls are easily manageable.  Volunteers also pick stalls throughout the day making them even easier to clean and lastly.  For convenience, the manure spreader is located just outside the barn.

Volunteers are often present during the week to help out.  The staff is responsible for the work but volunteers are encouraged to pitch in and help out.


Contact us at or call Kimberly at 410-802-8425.