All horses are special. Every horse I come in contact with exudes a unique and indescribable magic. It’s a privilege to experience it. There are some horses though that touch you deeply and they seem to have the same effect on everyone else. Some people call these horses Unicorns, others call them Dream horses. There really aren’t any words that can accurately describe them.

Stevis Man is one of these special horses. I heard it in Marlene Murray’s voice when she called to ask for help with him. I saw his contagious charisma each time someone new met him. I felt it when I looked toward him and our eyes met. He was classy, beautiful and truly magnificent.

Each day I worked with him was a gift. He never failed to give me the best he had. In the year he was here he was never a problem to work with, turn out or ride. He had a lot to learn, but he was an athlete, so he could use his body in a new way, it would just take time.

Stevie came here for me to evaluate and give him a foundation. It’s the basic transitioning I do with each horse that comes here. I knew he would leave some day but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with him. I wasn’t alone, I think everyone here fell in love with Stevie.

The day came when it was time for Stevie to go to his forever home. A wonderful home filled with love and knowledge of how to care for him. He would be appreciated and adored. This is what we work for but that doesn’t make it any easier to say Good bye. I think it’s necessary to fall in love with them. It’s one of the things they need.

When the shipper came to pick him up, I told him how special Stevie was and I choked as I handed him over to be loaded. He said, “Why don’t you keep him?” “I can’t, this is what we do. There’s another one that needs a chance and we can’t help the next horse if we keep them all.”

The walk down to the barn the next morning felt empty. There was no shining light beaming from Stevie’s stall. He wasn’t there watching me as I made my way down the hill to the barn.

It would be several days before there was a new, radiant face watching me as I walked down the hill to the barn. I felt joy when my eyes met his and I looked forward to getting to know him.

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