Out of the Arena

This is Stevis Man’s third hack at Leighton Farm. I sent him with Z, my most dependable citizen to show Stevie around. Z was born here so nothing worries him at Leighton Farm. Annoy, yes, frighten, no. I had someone to video today so this is the third ride not the first but they were much the same. I keep the ride short to ensure success. The more non-eventful rides we have together the better to prepare for when something unexpected occurs. I try to keep Stevie at Z’s shoulder because this is a place of safety for the racehorse – at the shoulder of the pony. You can see the tension in Stevie as we depart but as the ride goes on he relaxes until, as he reapproaches the barn, he has relaxed. I will repeat the same trip until Stevie is as relaxed at the beginning as he is at the end of the ride. Then I will expand the duration and distance. As you can see hills are hard for him. There are no hills in flat racing. This is going to be Stevie’s main activity for awhile. The undulating ground will help him develop and let go of his body to begin suppling of his body.
Third time is a charm.
Hacking out

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