Next Tuesday

Tuesday is incredibly level headed and possesses a sweet and gentle temperament. She stands 15.3 hands, has no vices and is a beautiful mover. She is currently turned out with two other mares and gets along with them without incident. Tuesday is eligible for the 2024 RRP Makeover.

Tuesday is a barn favorite, even with the volunteers who do not have equine experience!

Tuesday is ready to begin her new life.

Beautiful Tuesday

She is good for the farrier and is going barefoot! She’s also well behaved for the vet and has no vices. On June 22, 2022 she underwent surgery at Hogan Equine in New Jersey for a fracture of the cannon bone. She had won her race at Monmouth Park on the 19th of June when she sustained the fracture. Three screws were put in to stabilize the fracture and she was discharged to Leighton Farm on June 30, 2022. Since then her progress has been remarkable. We had radiographs done at 60 and 120 days and she’s healed amazingly. Tuesday is sound and ready to begin her new life. I can furnish the vet records and radiographs.

Rest and Relaxation

We are overwhelmed here with horses so I do not have a spot in my retraining program. I made the below video to show her movement and soundness.

The video below is the first and only time I’ve ridden her. We are overwhelmed here with horses so I have not been able to put her into our retraining program.

I am waiving her adoption fee to a qualified home. She is located at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, MD. If you are interested in meeting her, please contact me at Please call to email to make an appointment to visit.