Minerva Doubleplay

Minerva currently stands at 16.2 hands but she is growing both up and filling out. She is three years old and raced only one time at Saratoga. She retired from racing completely sound. She didn’t like it.

Blane explains what it means to work with Minerva.

Minerva is currently in the Leighton Farm retraining program where she is receiving the skills and physical development needed to be successful in a new career. Our training approach is methodical and progresses at the pace of each individual horse. Being only three years old, Minerva is spending most of her training time hacking out as she is given time to grow and develop.

She can’t show potential without correct training.

You can access her race record and breeding record here.

She has learned to lunge mostly at the walk with a bit of trot to learn voice commands.

Throughout the winter, Minerva will continue and expand her training. The focus will be on correct flatwork to build a good topline and confidence. She will be taken off site to accustom her to working at different venues. We find it’s never too early to begin to offer positive experiences in traveling with the goal of a calm and consistent competition horse in the future.

Time well spent.

You can check back on this page for updates in Minerva’s training as she reaches milestones and moves on to the next challenge.

Minerva Doubleplay

If you choose to sponsor Minerva Doubleplay, you will be instrumental in providing her with the skills and development needed to evaluate and then launch her/him into a new career.  Her success will demonstrate the great potential of retired racehorses.  We will notify you of milestones in her development and you will be invited to come and witness for yourself his/her training and handling.  We will let you know dates of any clinics or competitions and you are cordially invited to attend.  All during this time she will be available for adoption only to a home capable of continuing this development and with the goal to compete and promote the potential of the retired Thoroughbred racehorse.  Should Minerva change ownership, you will be notified and you will have the choice of ending your sponsorship or transfer it to another deserving horse.

If you are interested in meeting Minerva, please contact me at kclark@goodhorse.org. We are looking for sponsors to help in our quest to demonstrate the great potential of retired Thoroughbred racehorses by developing quality horses like Minerva Doubleplay. To find out more about how you can help, please contact me.