Minerva Doubleplay

Minerva currently stands at 16.3 hands but she is still growing. She is an absolutely magnificent horse and must be seen in person to really appreciate her presence and beauty. She is four years old and raced only one time at Saratoga. She retired from racing completely sound. She just didn’t like it.

Minerva is currently in our retraining program at Leighton Farm. She is receiving the skills and physical development needed to be successful in a new career. Our training approach is methodical and progresses at the pace of each individual horse. Minerva is spending most of her training time hacking out, with two days per week working in the arena at walk, trot and canter. She is fantastic to ride. I’ve put others on her just to see if its that I’m partial or if she really is that magnificent. Others agree, she’s the bomb! She is still growing and must be given time to grow and develop.

Unlimited potential.

You can access her race record and breeding record here.

Minerva Doubleplay

The focus of training in the arena has been on correct flatwork to build a good topline and confidence. She has started jump training with the focus on gymnastics and has excelled. She has been taken off site to accustom her to working at different environments and she is steady and much like she is on the farm. Minerva loads and trailers perfectly. We find it’s never too early to begin to offer positive experiences in traveling with the goal of a calm and consistent competition horse in the future. She is also good to cross tie and groom.

Time well spent.
She won Training Level 2 with a 67% at her very first show!

Minerva is not a horse for a beginner. She is a lot of horse and in the hands of the right person she has the potential to go far in their chosen discipline. She is mare-ish in her stall, so she probably should have someone who likes and understands mares. She does not like the vet or the farrier but has steadily improved since coming here. As far as riding her, she is absolutely wonderful. No spook, easy going, great gaits and most important fun. She is a passive resister, meaning she stops when she doesn’t want to do something or doesn’t understand what you are asking. She has never bucked, reared or done anything of the like to resist. She is levelheaded and smart. Minerva is also great turned out with other horses.

Minerva Doubleplay

If you are interested in meeting Minerva, please contact me at kclark@goodhorse.org. She is at Leighton Farm in Upper Marlboro, MD.