Home Bouyant

He’s found a home! We are raising the funds to get him to Kentucky and his forever home!

Adorable HB!

We call him HB. He stands 15.2 hands, has impeccable manners, and is completely sound and does not require shoes. He has no vices and enjoys turnout. HB gets along well with other horses. He’s perfect for the farrier and vet. He is loving and sweet with everyone and he LOVES cookies! He doesn’t care for peppermints, though. I wish we could keep him. If I win the lottery, we will! But since that probably won’t happen, we are now looking for a special, forever home for him.

He will love you forever!

HB September 2022

I began getting on HB at the beginning of September 2022 .  From day one, he has never put a hoof wrong. He still worries a bit at first when I ride him, but I just stay relaxed and then he relaxes. I am currently hacking him around my farm and working a couple days a week in the arena at the walk with a little trot. He also lunges correctly. He is extremely smart and picks things up quickly. He is a healthy and vibrant 19-year-old who will be a wonderful partner for the right person.

Home Bouyant was rescued from a kill pen in Maryland in April 2022. You can see his story here.

We invite you come and meet HB. He is in Upper Marlboro Maryland at Leighton Farm.