Global Indian

Global Indian just spent the last year of his life in a stall at the track. He’s now been liberated to our farm for rest, relaxation and eventually retraining. Right now though, it’s important he enjoy the finer things in life such as turn out, friendships, and feeling good.

Wally has personality plus! He’s Very friendly and loves treats!

Wally has friends now, but he needs a chance

Wally is a tall guy standing over 17 hands.

Waiting to go out!

He’ll be in our program for at least a year so he can regain his strength and then get the skills he needs to have a wonderful life after racing. This will take funding in order to do it right.

Rest and Relaxation

Wally needs sponsors to help ensure he has a happy future. If you decide he’s worth it and join “Team Wally”, We will notify you of milestones in his development and you are always welcome to come visit to witness for yourself his/her training and handling.   Once his training gets underway and his foundation is secure, will become available for adoption but only to a home capable of continuing this development. If you are a monthly sponsor and Wally is adopted, you will be notified and be offered the choice of ending your sponsorship or transferring it to another deserving horse.

If you are interested in meeting Wally, please contact me at You are always welcome to visit us.