First Trot on the Lunge Line

We begin the trot on the lunge line.  I could ride him at the trot initially and help him find balance on a circles but this would add the burden of my weight making it physically more difficult for him.  It would also make him dependent on me for balance. I want Stevie to learn to be confident in himself and learn to carry us. Stevie starts out way too quick.  His is trying to find balance but the more he speeds up on a 20 metre circle, the more his balance is compromised.  Speeding up to find balance always worked on an open racetrack.  I make the circle smaller, so he has to slow down and he begins to experience that slowing provides more balance.  I can’t ask him to do this for long because he is using muscles that aren’t developed yet.  This will take time.   It’s harder to the right because this is his weaker side.  He stops and turns in  several times because it’s so hard for him, but I know he is trying.  I do my best to encourage him to try again and he does.  What a good horse!

Learning to trot on a circle is hard.

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