Feel My Love

Feel My Love or Ophelia as we call her is an unraced three-year-old filly. She sustained a tendon injury while in training at Charlestown Racetrack and is now in rehabilitation at Leighton Farm the home base of Thoroughbred Placement Resources.

Her vets advise stall rest until the tendon cools out followed by one year of turn out for adequate time for the tendon to heal. She will receive Pulsed Electromagnetic Magnet Therapy during the stall rest phase to increase circulation to the area and promote better quality healing.

She has a bright future with the time to heal.

Once the healing process is completed, Ophelia will need to enter our retraining program, to be methodically brought back to riding fitness. She then will need to receive the foundation of training for riding in order to be evaluated for her best purpose. This will likely take at minimum another year.

Healing and rehabilitating horses like Ophelia takes a lot of resources, but it’s worth it. There aren’t many rescues with the skills and facilities to properly do this kind of work but luckily she got into our program. She will have a productive happy life once she has received the care she needs.

Ophelia in one of Leighton Farm’s lay-up stalls “with a view”

We can’t do this alone. We need your help and sponsorship to ensure she gets the care she needs.

Beautiful Ophelia enjoying her PEMF therapy for better healing and comfort during stall rest.

One time donations go a long way to helping, but we need sponsors who contribute each month to ensure we can provide a happy future for Ophelia. If you choose to support Feel My Love, you will be helping her find the new life she deserves. Horses that need long term healing are the horses that many times fall through the cracks but not this time. With your help, she will not only recover, but be a success in a new career after racing. At only three years old, it would be so sad if anything else were to happen for her.

If you are interested in meeting Ophelia, please contact me at kclark@goodhorse.org. We need sponsors to help with horses like Ophelia, registered name Feel My Love. To find out more about how you can help, please contact me.