Cloud’s Honor

Cloud’s Honor earned $85,000 before she retired from racing, at the age of 6.  She raced 31 times and always gave her best.  

When she was a baby, she had been weaned from her mother and was left alone to starve in a field. Thankfully, someone saw her suffering and rescued her. They nursed her back to health, but found her to be too strong willed to keep for their own. My husband bought her for me to train as a racehorse. Unbeknownst to me, this was the beginning of my mission to help retired racehorses.

Help give her the retirement she has earned.

Most of her purse winnings as a racehorse were reinvested for the betterment of Thoroughbred racehorses who needed to be retrained for new careers, or rescued from perilous circumstances. During the years she raced, we placed approximately 750 retiring racehorses into good homes.

Upon “Graycie’s” retirement from racing I had to decide whether to keep placing horses or go back to breaking and training because there wasn’t enough time for both. I decided to continue and that is when TPR was formally founded.

Cloud’s Honor wins at Philadelphia Park, May 9, 2005 – Christopher VanHassel up

Graycie was too tough to turn into a riding horse. They called her the Gray Monster at Bowie because of her antics on the track and although I did make a good effort to retrain her for a new career, she was miserable which caused her to make anyone who rode her miserable and I made the decision to retire her from riding and provide her sanctuary.

The Gray Monster at Bowie Training Center.

Graycie currently resides at a foster farm less than one mile from TPR’s facility, Leighton Farm. You can come meet this most magnificent creature if you come to our area. Please consider sponsoring this wonderful mare’s justly deserved retirement.