Wally’s First Ride

Each first ride is similar, but has differences based on what each individual horse needs to feel safe and relaxed.   I do my best to listen to the horse and give him or her what they need on that day.  Wally is a calm and relaxed horse so this was a very easy ride.  It … Read more

Re-Starting Wally

We restart most of the horses that come to Leighton Farm the same way. First, we evaluate them and if they are physically sound, we begin to put in place a regular training session. It happens each day, consecutively if at all possible. In Wally’s case the weather caused breaks in between sessions. This will … Read more

The Decision to Train Your Own Horse

It is okay to have dreams and goals with your horse, in fact it’s a good thing. However, you’ve got to be willing to get down to brass tacks and do the work that gives the horse the ability to perform as you wish.  For one person, this might mean accepting that he doesn’t actually know … Read more

Pez dispensers

It seems like every barn has at least one of them, unless it’s a private barn.  You know, that person who walks into the barn and all of the horses go crazy.  If you are there and had your horse’s focus, it’s gone.  Even if they aren’t going to give your horse anything, he becomes … Read more

What is The Good Horse?

The Good Horse Method approaches the horse on his terms.  He is a horse first and foremost. He does not think, behave or react as humans do.  He cannot make sense of our world unless we consistently set up boundaries and scenarios that guide his behavior to fulfill our requests. Good Horse Method is a … Read more


How consistent are you while working with your horse? Do you do things the same way each time you work with him? If you use a word or phrase as a command or and aid while riding, do you follow through and ensure the horse has responded to it or do you sometimes let it … Read more