2023 Some of the Horses of TPR

Meet some of the horses who are receiving the care, rehabilitation and training they need to have a wonderful life.

Gather Around (“Gus”) is a permanent sanctuary horse here at Leighton Farm.  At the age of 28, he’s still healthy, vibrant, and enjoying his life.  He hasn’t had any health issues since successful colic surgery in 2022.  He is being ridden regularly to keep him in shape and happy. This is all because of the support we receive from our donors.  The gift of a safe place to live out his retirement with great care and loving handling is priceless.  Your gift gave him life.

Home Bouyant: We call him HB and he is 21 years old.  He was pulled from a kill pen in 2022.  We found him a home in KY in October 2022 but it didn’t work out because he didn’t fit in with his pasture mates.  He came back to us a couple months later.  HB obviously didn’t have anyone he could count on when he ended up in that kill pen, but now he has us and that’s because of the support we receive from you.  He’s safe now, no matter what happens, because of you. (read more about HB here)

At five months of age, Graycie was rescued by Clark’s mentor in rescue and aftercare.  The purchase of Graycie as a yearling is how they met and began Clark’s work with retired racehorses. Graycie, now aged 22, will live out her days in sanctuary with us.  She inspired and financed the retirement program we now call Thoroughbred Placement Resources.   Almost all of the $85,000 she earned as a racehorse went to helping other racehorses find new lives once their careers ended.  (read more about Cloud’s Honor here)

Birdie was horribly abused before coming to TPR. Birdie’s relationship with Wills has enabled him to let go of some of his fear. Wills is a very insecure horse. He believes you run from danger and ask questions later.  Suffering from EPM has further depleted Wills’ extremely fragile confidence.  They have formed a very close bond that has shown incredible benefits for their health and well-being.  Your support has kept them together. (read more about them here)

Quick Chaos, or “Scout” as we call him, is a 3-year-old gelding.  He arrived at Leighton Farm in April 2023 after suffering an injury requiring extensive stall rest.  He began to transition to limited turn out in September and will spend the winter healing and being a horse.  This will give him time to grow and mature before entering our training program in the spring.  Then he will be evaluated, retrained, and available for adoption. Without your help, we would not be here to help him.

Stevis Man retired from racing in October 2022 at the age of 12 years old.  Marlene Murray, President of the RACE Fund had been following his career for the past three years, always contacting reaching out when he changed hands to say that her organization wanted to offer him a safe place to land once his career ended.  When it did, she took him.  Wanting the best for him, she asked us, because of our reputation for producing properly trained retired racers, to evaluate him for a new career and begin the retraining process.  We were honored to help with this amazing horse. He recently found his forever home because of your support! (read more about Stevis Man here)